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About Us

General Information:

M/S Unique Engineering Testing & Advisory Services was established in 1984 with the objective of providing services of soil investigation. In 1985 the services were extended for testing of civil engineering material like brick, concrete, cement, sand, aggregate etc. Services of survey work were included in 1988 and separate entity of M/s Unique Survey was established in 1999.

After 2000, we expand our horizon by entering in the field of design consultancy and third party inspection for infrastructure projects.

Personal associated with firm:
1. Dr. M D Desai – Ph. D (Partner)
  Professional Experience:
  Supervisor, Bombay PWD
  Research Officer CWPC-Gov. of India
  Deputy Director CWPC at Delhi
  Asst Professor, S.V. Regional College of Engineering & Technology, Surat.
  Professor & Head of Applied Mech. Dept.
  Consulting Engineer / Advisor
2. Mr. Hitesh Desai – M.E. (Partner)
  Professional Experience:
  Associated Lecturer from Dec. 1975 to June 1980. Applied Mech. Dept., SVNIT, Surat.
  Civil Engg. Construction from 1980-84.
  Soil investigation and civil engineering material testing laboratory since 1984.
  Assessor to NABL.
3. Mr. Nehal Desai – M.E. (Partner)
  Professional Experience:
  Project head for Third Party Inspection of Infrastructure Project.
  Design of flexible and rigid pavements.
  Mix Design of cement and asphalt concrete.
4. Mr. Mukesh Mehta – B.E. (Lab-Manager)
  Professional Experience:
  Civil Construction.
  Civil Engineering material testing and concrete mix design.
    Soil Investigation
    Civil Engineering Material Testing
& Calibration
    Consultancy Work
    Land Survey