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Civil Engineering Material Testing
  Material Testing Equipments
  Universal automatic penetro meter electrically operated with timer.
  Ring & ball apparatus.
  Kinematic Viscosity Apparatus.
  Ductility testing machine fixed with S. S. water bath with set of moulds.
  Bitumen extractor electrically operated.
  2000 KN capacity, electrical operated compression-testing machine having dual range readout unit in KN and pace rate control indicator.
  Cube and cylinder moulds.
  Electrically operated single cube vibrator.
  Vicat apparatus with dash point as per I S
  Slump cone apparatus.
  Blain permeameter.
  Set of I S sieves.
  Apparatus for aggregate impact test.
  Apparatus for aggregate crushing strength.
  Los Angeles abrasion machine.
  Electrical oven.
  Electronics & mechanical balance of different range.
  Dead weight tester for pressure gauge calibration having range 0 –20 Kg/cm2 and 0 – 700 Kg/cm2.
  Anvil for calibration of rebound hammer for non-destructive testing.
  Rebound hammer for non-destructive concrete testing.
  Vibrating table for 15 cm cube casting.
  Tile flexural strength and abrasion test equipment.
  Half bag capacity electrically operated mixture machine.
  400 KN capacity Universal Testing Machine with digital readout & 50 MM GAUGE LENGTH EXTENTIOMETER FOR 0.2 % PROOF STRESS.
  Mortar mixture
  Asphalt concrete mixture with heating facility.
  Horizontal Drum Mixture for concrete Mix Design.
  Benkelman Beam Equipment.
  Dial gauge calibrator.
      We have Moulding Room, with temperature and Humidity Control.

      We have all civil Engineering IS Code in soft copy.
  List of Clients
  Surat Municipal Corporation.
  Panchayat (R & B).
  State (R&B)
  Western railways.
  Gujarat Industrial Development Corporation.
  Airports Authority of India.
  Gujarat State Police Housing Corporation.
  IRB Infrastructure Ltd.
  Essar Construction (I) Ltd.
  Surat Urban Development Authority.
  L & T, ECC construction Div.
  ISOLUX CARSON Engg. Construction (I) Ltd.
  Samsung Engineering (I) Ltd.
  Gherzhi Eastern Ltd.
  Multi Media Consulting Engineers Pvt. Ltd.
  Torrent Energy Ltd.
    Soil Investigation
    Civil Engineering Material Testing
& Calibration
    Consultancy Work
    Land Survey